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Key Facts

The ESTRELIA platform will enable a significant advancement of the technology capabilities for battery management systems design:

50% energy advantage
ESTRELIA aims to provide building blocks with enhanced reliability and safety at lowered costs for smart energy storage for FEVs. This is accomplished by proposing a modular approach with ultracapacitor power packs with higher density with 50% energy advantage.

Break through Battery management IC
A new BMS ICs based on a new concept in the HV-technology enhances also the modularity of Li-Ion batteries as energy packs.

A leap ahead
It will for the first time provide a flexible active cell balancing chip set also suited for the high accuracy demanding monitoring of Li-Ion batteries.

Higher efficiency, low energy loss, long term reliability
Tests with new HVtest equipment will proof test isolation protections in the environment of several 100’s V as present in FEVs.
New BMS IC concept will enable higher efficiency by lower energy loss and improved long termreliability and lower the electronic component costs for BMS of Li-Ion energypacks by 1/3rd.

New safety sensors
ESTRELIA will also develop new safety sensors which are based on silicon based MEMS approaches delivering enhanced safety functions at lowered cost compared to existing solutions.

Flame detection for more safety
While the gas sensor will allow detection of very low levels of volatile organic compounds asemitted in thermal overruns of battery packs, the new spark detector concept will enable general safety functions by flame detection from all hazardous events in a FEV.

Novel power antifuse device
Finally thedevelopment of new actuators as low cost power antifuse together with the new energy management HW (BMS IC) and SW will enable dynamic reconfigurable topologies for the energy storage unit, thus still enabling the functionality of the FEVdespite single failing cells.

Proofed Solution
BMS ICs andarchitecture verification on prototypes

Read more facts about ESTRELIA:

  1. The development of a highly innovative modular smart energy storage and power pack concept will reduce the overall costs of production of electric vehicles to competitive prices.
  2. The breakthrough BMS allows higher efficiency by lower energy loss and improved long term safetyand reliability together with reduction of the electric component costs ofenergy package. New innovative sensors and actuators will ensure a unique safety improvement for the usage of Li-Ion batteries.
  3. New buildingblocks for advanced modular energy storage and improved state-of-the art ICs for battery management systems will enhance reliability and reduce costs of EVs. Improved isolationchips and new safety sensors for secure energy storage in EVs will ensure a significant improvement of FEVs safety. High power energystorage cells and improved algorithms for SOC, SOH and SOF will mitigate constrains for the user of FEV versus the internal combustion engines.
  4. Advanced BMS,active balancing improves energy consumption, enhances long term reliability.
  5. Reduced cost for energy storage module (lowered cost of electronic components). 

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